Experience Design Services

Hyper Luminal Experience Design (HLXD) is dedicated to filling the gap between development studios and talented UX/UI professionals.

We believe in collaborating with our clients to build incredible gaming experiences that start with outstanding UX and beautifully crafted UI.

Ending with game worlds that are welcoming and accessible to every player.


UX Design lies at the heart of everything we create. We work hard to make the player journey special and understandable while unlocking wonderful and exciting gaming experiences.


Journey Mapping

UI Kits

Information Hierarchy

Heuristic Evaluation


Player Personas



Visual Design is crucial to creating User Interfaces that are easy to understand, blend beautifully with the game art style and further communicate the narrative of the world. 

Our UI Design services cover a spectrum of creative solutions to help breath life into your game UI.


Visual Design

UI Kits


In-Engine Placement

Brand Identity

Style Guides


Accessibility is arguably the most crucial part of the design process. It’s important to ensure every player has the same experience, and can access the same information, as far as possible. Our comprehensive accessibility design consultancy makes sure your Game World is welcoming to every player.


User Research

Accessibility Audit

User Testing

The Team

Our HLXD team is made up of exciting varied backgrounds to ensure absolute diversity of ideas and application.

Covering a wide spectrum of platforms from Mobile to Web and console, across indie and AAA titles.



Video Editing

2D Vector Illustration

Logo Design

UI Animation


At what point can we bring a project to you?

Anytime! Whether it’s right at the start of the project where our UX design expertise can help to scope out the project during the ideation stages or right towards the end to provide UX and Accessibility Evaluation.

We are always happy to jump in and add value at whatever stage your project is at.

What if we have an existing team? Can you integrate?

Absolutely, our team is versed in engine development and happy to work in a way that supports your existing project pipeline.

How can HLXD bring value to my project?

We are champions of the player, leaning on user-centered design to help find the best possible experience for your player base. We believe great UX design can have a critical impact on the end success of any project.