Quality Assurance

Our Offering


Being the in-house QA to a development studio not only means we have access to development kits, it also means the QA Team are experienced in the certification and submission processes for console and mobile. We will give your TRC pass the TLC it needs to ensure the submission is never missed.


With decades of experience in Quality Assurance within our ever-growing experienced team, we are able to recognise the pitfalls that often occur during the development cycle. Recognising these means we can pre-emptively assess and prevent any issues that may hinder the creative process. We know how to make games better and foolproof, what are you waiting for?


Our team aims to work as closely with the developers as possible. This means we integrate into your team with daily communication, reports and full project management support, to ensure we deliver the best possible product.

Our process


So you just sit and play games all day?

Unfortunately, no we don’t! Quality Assurance means a lot of focus is not only on raising issues to the team, but also putting together test cases, writing up reports, deep investigations into certain areas of a game, and design feedback.

Why do so many games (not made by HLG) ship with bugs?

Some bugs may not get fixed immediately due to the higher status issues being prioritised and fixed instead. This means lower priority issues will be addressed in later updates.

Does QA fix bugs?

No, QA finds the scenarios in which bugs happen, and tests whether or not they have been fixed.

I have no prior games or industry experience, can I get into QA/how can I get into QA?

At Hyper Luminal prior industry experience or a background in games is not required. Whilst it is good to have a working knowledge of the video game creation process, we welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to join our QA team. If you have a passion for video games, then you meet the requirements to apply.

What is it like to work/live in Dundee?

With Dundee being a student oriented town, there are always events going on and things to take part in. There are a lot of great green spaces in Dundee too alongside the Eden Project and the V&A which makes it an exciting time to be here, and we also have a great Ice Hockey team (Go Stars!)

What's the work life balance like?

Hyper Luminal offers flexi-time which makes it easy to balance your life around work. There's also a very friendly, inclusive culture within the office which operates under a “no crunch” policy.

Are QA always on temporary contracts?

Hyper Luminal typically does not operate with temporary contracts but has a thriving QA department of salaried employees. QA testing is a viable route to integrate into a dedicated part of our studio.

How long do projects last?

This depends on the size of the project. Hyper Luminal QA have worked on projects that have taken days to complete testing, while others have lasted 12 months.

Can QA work lead to experience in other games industry disciplines?

QA can give you a huge insight into game development from all aspects of the development cycle. At Hyper Luminal we try to help all our staff grow and fuel their passions so it's only natural that sometimes staff move departments.