Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2023

Back on June 9th Laura Kate Dale, Accessibility Consultant and Streamer (LauraKBuzz on Twitch & YouTube) hosted the first-ever Access-Ability Summer Showcase featuring 15 amazing games, 6 disabled gamers and accessibility consultants. We were honoured to have our very own Pine Hearts featured.

A Photo taken over the shoulder of one of our QA Testers, Kate Morton as she shows our colour-blocking mode in Pine Hearts

Accessibility is a big part of our mission of Making Games Better at Hyper Luminal. So we’ve been creating tools and features to ensure we can test how our games look for those with different visual processing experiences, and ensuring our QA team are testing our games with adaptive technology in mind is a really important part of that process.

Above is our Access-Ability Summer Showcase Trailer voiced over By Searra Leishman, our UX/UI Design Manager. She has been the head of our Inclusive Design push within the studio with the help of many inclusive design champions across the team.
In the video, she speaks briefly about our time in the Inclusive Design Accelerator in 2022, our dedicated onboarding flow, which allows players to easily select and tailor their game experience to their needs right at the beginning of the game, plus much more so check out the video for all the information.

A closer look at our colour-blocking mode within Pine Hearts

Now a few months on from the showcase, we've expanded our adaptive play in a number of ways including a whole list of new features that will be available from launch! Here's the run down of everything we've been working on including a number of improvements of the features we've shown so far!
Okay, big breath, we've got Black and White mode, A High Contract Slider, Font Scaling & Spacing Sliders, Font Switching, Toggles for running; Camera Shake, Depth of Field, and UI animation.

Two photos side by side showing a number of trial set ups of our Xbox Accessibility controller that was used during our EGX booth

But of course, we aren’t the only studio working towards Making Games Better and more inclusive; you can find all of the amazing Access-Ability Showcase Trailers here!

There is also another great article by ‘Can I Play That?’ that covers all of the games featured in the showcase here!

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