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Cost of living: Recruitment slows for game developers.

Games studio boss Stuart Martin is taking a cautious approach to the future as the dust continues to settle on the worst of the pandemic.

Like many others in the industry, his Dundee-based indie company Hyper Luminal Games benefited from a rise in sales during the lockdowns.

But he's temporarily putting the brakes on expansion plans in the face of the rising cost of living and soaring energy prices.

Stuart Martin says Hyper Luminal is now looking at "more strategic growth".

"The games industry has a history of traversing turbulent times better than other industries, but there is still a sense of caution moving into 2023," he explains.

"With the cost of living rising and energy prices increasing, every business will be looking closely at their cashflow and how best to support existing team members before continuing to grow."

Hyper Luminal, which has created 40 jobs over the past two years, is now looking at "more strategic growth" and focusing on financial support schemes for its staff.

It is now aiming for "a slower rate of recruitment whilst we promote internally across 2023".

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