Boomerang X

Game Overview

Harness the power of a mystical boomerang to fling yourself through the air. Slice, fly, and blast through arenas swarming with evil creatures. Stay agile or meet your doom!

In Partnership

Project Overview

Hyper Luminal worked alongside Devolver Digital and the primary developer Dang! to co-develop, port and provide QA services for their fast-paced action title “Boomerang X”. Hyper Luminal handled porting & platform certification for Nintendo Switch, and co-development & QA support for the PC release. It's available to purchase and play now on Steam and digitally on Nintendo Switch.

Team Size

3 People


4 Months



Console Porting

Quality Assurance

Platform Certification


"We needed an expert Unity team to work on a Switch port with an inexperienced indie development partner, a classic Devolver requirement. It needed a team that communicates well, understands what the developer needs, is technically adept and which ultimately means co-development. That team was Hyper Luminal, and they smashed it. Highly recommended!"

Mark Lloyd, Production - Porting and Co-Development, Devolver Digital