HyperBrawl Tournament

Game Overview

HyperBrawl Tournament is an online multiplayer, arcade-style, sports brawler featuring high-adrenaline PvP arena battles for 1-4 players. The universe’s greatest heroes have gathered to compete in a showdown for the ages; the legendary HyperBrawl Tournament! Armed with unique weapons and a thirst for glory.

In Partnership

Project Overview

Hyper Luminal worked alongside Milky Tea to co-develop their original IP title “Hyper Brawl Tournament”, porting it from Apple Arcade to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as providing QA services for the PC & PS4 versions.

Team Size

4 People


6 Months



Console Porting

Platform Certification

Quality Assurance


"Hyper Luminal was hired towards the end of our games development cycle to assist us with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Porting, and Quality Assurance. The team were reactive, diligent and settled into our way of working very quickly. We are actively looking for ways to continue our development relationship and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Jonathan Holmes, Studio Director & Founder, Milky Tea Limited