Seven Eight Nine

Game Overview

SEN is a minimalistic zen puzzle game about recognising patterns of numbers, colours and shapes. The rules of the game are taught with absolutely zero instruction - the progression and design of the levels has been carefully balanced to introduce each rule, thereby giving players the sensation of discovering the rules for themselves. Featuring easy to learn rules that are difficult to master, different game modes, and a beautifully relaxing soundtrack.

In Partnership

Project Overview

Hyper Luminal developed SEN in collaboration with Indie Champions. Available to Download and Play now from the App Store, Google Play, Nintendo eShop and Steam.

Team Size

4 People


3 Months



Quality Assurance

Console Porting

Platform Certification


"I've had the pleasure of working with countless different development studios over the years, and Hyper Luminal are hands-down one of the most professional teams; they were diligent yet reactive, friendly yet focused. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work with them again.”

Colin MacDonald, Managing Director, Indie Champions