Work for Hire

We build diverse and inspiring products for global audiences. We have built our name as a prolific and trusted work for hire developer.

Our Partnerships

We love building long-term partnerships and collaboration is in our blood.

We’ve delivered 40+ games by working with a wide spectrum of clients from high profile entertainment brands to other smaller independent games developers. We take an active role in all aspects of the development pipeline including: Concept, Design, UX/UI design, Core Production, Quality Assurance, Porting and LiveOps.

Quality Assurance

Our team uses an A-Team approach to Quality Assurance, across many different forms of testing and all major platforms. We work closely with our clients and collaborate to an optimal level to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product available.

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Our UX/UI Design Team can craft the necessary aesthetics, usability and accessibility for your game or app. Enabling it to deliver fantastic and thrilling gaming experiences to all.

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Unity Experts

Our team are Unity experts, who have shipped dozens of games and custom tools. From core development, tools creation, visual effects and consultancy style support, Hyper Luminal knows how to leverage the Unity engine to its best.

Console Porting

We have successfully ported multiple titles too many main console platforms. Our porting process uses the most up-to-date guidelines to ensure that it meets all the latest criteria of the platform. We tailor the performance and user experience of the game to be as good as it can be on every platform we work with.

Mobile Development

Mobile development has been a core part of our business since day one. We’ve tackled games, apps and AR visualisations for both iOS and Android. We bring expert knowledge of the software and hardware required to make mobile a success.

The "Hyper Luminal Way" defines ‘best practice’ which is embraced throughout the team and the business across recruitment, planning, and delivery.